In August 2000, the Government of Sri Lanka requested the Government of Japan to conduct a technical cooperation on the Multimedia Technology Training and Development Center Project. At the Institute of Computer Technology (ICT) of University of Colombo, where the proposed project should take place, project-type technical cooperation (Sri Lanka Computer Center Project) was implemented for the three years from April 1987, with the objective to train computer engineers (analyst programmers) able to develop software using general-purpose computers and to play a leading role in the sector. After the successful completion of the Sri Lanka Computer Center Project, a follow-up cooperation program and an after-care program were also implemented in the ICT. And further training programs for third countries had been carried out from 1993 to 2003.After the IT Charter was adopted in the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit in July 2000, JICA dispatches a Project Finding Team to Sri Lanka in March 2001 in the field the information technology (IT), in consideration of the importance of offering cooperation in the IT sector.

Given the results of the past technical cooperation and the findings of recent studies, the future direction of technical cooperation to Sri Lanka by Japanese government has been suggested in the way that project to improve an institutional system for capacity building in the IT sector, and to increase a supply of IT human resources both in industries and government agencies, especially to the growing IT software and services industry, be one of the priority area.