The facilities of the ADMTC consist of 2 technologically enhanced teaching laboratories/classrooms, a development lab, digital studio with non-linear editing equipment, high speed data link with a Giga bit fiber backbone and a server room equipped with high-end servers. A wide range of software is installed on computers and servers. The Project site has been renovated and maintained by UCSC. The major equipment was provided by Japanese Government through JICA.


Teaching Laboratories

The Teaching Laboratory facilitates conducting lectures for 20 participants at a time. 20 numbers of high-end workstations which are specially setup for multimedia and Digital Video capturing/ editing works are ready for class room sessions. Electronic whiteboard, large TV screen with DVD player, VCR and multimedia projector are setup in the lab for interactive learning and presentations. Online teaching materials which are available at the ADMTC web server, make a complete environment for interactive learning.

Digital Studio

An advanced digital studio is equipped with state-of-the-art digital equipment such as digital video cameras, video switcher, editing control unit, audio mixer, lighting system and non-linear editing system.

Development Laboratories

The teaching staff uses this laboratory for research, development of WBT materials and WBT systems. This laboratory is equipped with very advanced multimedia developing computers running on different platforms.

Network Environment

A leased line connection guarantees 24 hour internet service. The high speed fiber backbone and the data circuits ensure the high-speed IP network connection through the servers and other computers within the laboratories.


In addition to the above hardware facilities, a wide range of software tools are available such as:

  • Web authoring tools for creating WBT materials and publishing on learning management systems
  • Professional digital image processing tools
  • 2D/ 3D Interactive content development tools
  • Professional video/ audio capturing and editing tools
  • Video streaming tools
  • Database management systems
  • Internet/ Intranet server software
  • Open source software